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Tim Daulby wins Best Pitch Video Award at ENSsys 2020

Published: 19 December 2020
Tim's stop-motion video

Tim Daulby has won an award for presenting his work on intermittent computing at ENSsys 2020, the 8th International Workshop on Energy Harvesting & Energy-Neutral Sensing Systems.

Tim's paper, entitled ''Exploring NVM technologies through the lens of intermittent computation'', evaluated emerging non-volatile memory technologies across a number of metrics. It explored their impact on the design of intermittent computing devices.

For this virtual event, all presenters were asked to produce a three-minute pitch video. To illustrate the comparisons, Tim took a novel approach, commenting "I chose to graph the comparisons on my kitchen counter using the materials available, which happened to be 200 5 pence coins I hadn't managed to take to the bank!"

He produced a stop motion animation that caught the panel's attention, resulting in the Best Pitch Video award.

He continued "Although conferences have been very different this year, the digital event was a great opportunity to explore creative ways to share my research. I had fun making the video, and was pleased it sparked opportunities to chat with other researchers in the Zoom 'poster room'."

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