The University of Southampton

The Centre for Internet of Things and Pervasive Systems undertakes research across the IoT system stack, from hardware to software, and fundamental theory through to enabling innovative applications.

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Research Areas

Our IoT research is categorised into the following thematic areas:

Sensor Technologies

Research into new and novel sensor devices to enable new innovative applications

Power and Energy

Increasing the lifetime or autonomy of IoT devices through improved management and efficiency and/or self-powered approaches.

Application Domains

We apply our research into IoT systems to a range of different application domains:

Health and Well-being

Improving quality of life through effective technologies for health care and well-being.

Earth Science

Improving our understanding of the environment around us through remote monitoring.

Smart Energy Systems

IoT systems to enable more effective and efficient generation, delivery, consumption and sharing of energy.

Smart Cities

Increasing connectivity and intelligence in towns and cities to improve services, sustainability, and quality of life.

Agricultural Management

Improving agricultural processes through improved awareness, intelligence and connectivity.

Smart Homes

Intelligent systems, connecting devices to simplify and automate everyday life.