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C-IoT Hackathon

C-IoT Hackathon
Andy building a LoraWAN base station

The Centre for Internet of Things and Pervasive Systems ran an internal 'hackathon' event in order to bring together researchers from across ECS (and beyond!) with interests in IoT and Pervasive Systems. The purpose of this was to explore new equpiment and tools, but also to stimulate collaboration between researchers. The two-day hackathon was very productive, with everyone trying something they had not previously used or developed.


Nicola and Don at the C-IoT Hackathon
Nicola and Don at the C-IoT Hackathon

This included learning how to use the campus LoraWAN network with micropython on LoPy, getting data feeds from the things network, making data dashboards with Raspberry Pi touchscreens, and grappling with Bluetooth LE sensors.

Our usage scenarios were varied, as we had people from backgrounds working in the physics laser lab and chemistry labs as well as agriculture and earth science.


Building 32, Highfield Campus
Building 32, Highfield Campus

Date: Tuesday 04 - Wednesday 05 September 2018
Time: all day

Room 3073 ('Active Lab'), Building 32
Highfield Campus
SO17 1BJ

This event was open to anyone in at the University.

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